Leafmaker is a design studio located in Northport, Michigan. We design and develop hand-crafted print and digital solutions that make strong impressions on your audience.

Our design philosophy follows Louis Sullivan's time-honored principle that form follows function. We emphasize the importance of classical aesthetics, thoughtful typography, correct grammar, and logically organized information. Creating effective and efficient visual communication is our goal, and the tone of our work respects the integrity of your audience.

The majority of our efforts are focused on creating brand identities, marketing strategies, print and digital marketing materials ranging from business cards, signage, and packaging, to websites, email campaigns, and original photography for use throughout your brand's communication plan. Please contact us to discuss your ideas and all the beautiful possibilities that lie ahead.

Recently Completed Projects:

The Art & Craft of Communication

Northport, MI 49670

e. james@leafmaker.com
p. (630) 235-4745

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